Clare Walker Leslie Visit Preparations

L&L, some thoughts as we prepare to meet Clare Walker Leslie (hooray, yippee, wahoo!!!) on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

1. Ms. Walker Leslie will be available in our classroom on Monday night at 7:45pm. Your attendance here is OPTIONAL, though if your work is done and you have the inclination, it would be so good to have some of you there to welcome her to Exeter. This will be a time to interact with Ms. Walker Leslie in a small, intimate gathering, to listen to her thoughts and story as they speak to our exploration of environmental literature and the environmental movement.

2. We will meet on Tuesday morning at 7:40am in front of Elm Street to head into the field with Ms. Walker Leslie. Please have your Crazy Creek, your Write in the Rain notebook, a pen AND pencil, and your copy of Abbey. An IMPORTANT NOTE: it will be really, really, REALLY wet, muddy, and generally sloppy out there. It is imperative that you dress appropriately. Rain or muck boots are recommended (if you don’t have a pair, try and borrow some). 

Ms. Walker Leslie is excited to field your questions. She specifically asked me to have you think about and write down some questions for her, and I’m including this LINK to her website to offer you further insight into her work and passions as you frame those questions . Three or four apiece should be plenty.

See you soon.

-Mr. Bre


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