The River…

The River is life and death. Just six words that encompass deep thought and creativity. The sun is caught and reflected by a spinning red leaf. Quickening its pace downward on a journey to new life as well as its own demise. As it gets closer and closer to its birth into the life waters of the Exeter River it catches more and more sun and throws it in all the surrounding directions. Its light mass makes the tiniest of ripples as the smooth face of the fallen leaf collides with the still surface of the slowly moving murky water. The moment the leaf meets the surface it is carried away by the swift but steady current.

The leaf flares up with all of its might out of the water as the wind begins to pick up in an effort to fight the current of its new found life. The wind is only brief and not strong enough to fight the persistent current and carry the leaf away. So it continues on the course set by the new life that it has begun. 

As the leaf is exposed to the water for longer periods of time and begins soaking up the water that it has floated upon it becomes in a sense wiser. The water loosens the tension in the leaf and it stretches out slowly to lay flat on the water. It no longer tries to fight the course it is being taken on with such a fury as it did in its youth. It moves quicker on this path now with ease and with every minute the absorption of water increases until it starts to dip under the surface. Its decline begins slowly until its whole surface in underwater at which point it then begins the long journey down to the depths of the river. Out of the currents where it will spend the rest of its days. 

-Sean Geary


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